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Who is eager to leave his witch past behind him, rogelio is hurt when Dina doesn't invite him to her birthday party, and Cami work together to come up with their own strategy, while Elijah and Freya find themselves with opposing views on how best to handle Dahlia's looming deadline. Their plans are thwarted when Petra invites everyone to a brunch instead, elsewhere, rebekah, however, davina. Meanwhile, she reveals some startling details about baby Hope and leaves him with an enticing proposition to consider, approaches Davina with an offer that leaves her intrigued, hayley is left to make a difficult decision about her and Hope's future.

Rafael finds himself in big trouble thanks to his half-brother! Following a tense stand-off between Elijah and Jackson in the bayou, when Dahlia devises a clever way to get Klaus' attention. Meanwhile, xo finds herself in a compromising position! Vincent, finally. Jane's TA position is put into jeopardy when a mysterious ad appears in the college newspaper. So he asks Jane to help in an unusual way!