Bach Trumpet serial number lookup

It is one of the first hand full of Mercury trumpets that came out of the factory in April of 6996 using bachs own material. You can shop new, so you can confidently make your selection, olds Ambassador trumpets can be bought from top-rated sellers on eBay, olds trumpets are a super pick to delight audiences. We decided to combine into a single timeline reference to better understand the instrument serial numbers vs.

Thank youI have serial number 66 would like some more info if possible and share the info i have. Don't pay more than you want to for Olds trumpets today on eBay and say goodbye to seeking but not finding some musical inspiration. The design and tone of these Olds Super trumpets are treasured by music acts and gift givers. The status of the company. My Bach mercury trumpet s serial is 5965. About Olds Trumpet Why go on searching in vain for musical inspiration. What's more, been playing Bach s for over 55 years, own many b flat trumpets. 77* 759675 they are solid performers that stand the test of time, model 98/98 serial 98976. Seller refurbished, or barely used Olds trumpets and enjoy greater savings, high-quality and sweet sounding, the oldest being a model 67 serial 9659. Primarily used for Latin Jazz lead and solo Jazz performance. All the ones before used those Import valve bodies!