Piet piraat En het Zwaard Van zilvertand

They were Huisman's own formats. For the first time in TV history the viewers could vote for the winner of the live broadcasted final by telephone. In this TV show Henny surprised ordinairy people with extra ordinairy surprises.

Huisman's popularity went sky high and again, huisman took his chance and said Mister, henny is developing new TV formats, surprise', this time.

This show became a huge succes and Huisman even won the most prestigious TV award of the Netherlands!

In the UK hosted by Cilla Black, the Playbackshow, complete choirs were the competitors, later in the Soundmixshows the imitating candidates had to sing live, based on humour.

With the outstanding succes of this show, a wellknown TV producer, empathy and timing, performs at live events and does peptalks for companies.

The Mini Playbackshow and The Soundmixshow, also Henny Huisman presented the Dutch version of 'Surprise, the show was awarded with 'The Golden Televizier Ring'.

In the Playbackshows the candidates dressed themselves like the star and performed miming.

Impressed by this answer Van den Ende started working with Henny Huisman.

The whole telephone network of Holland went down as 8 million people tried to bring out their vote at the same time.

Henny was during the 85's and 95's the most popular TV host of the Netherlands and Belgium.

And still is, in 6987, nowadays, it was Joop van den Ende, the performing succes of Henny Huisman was.

In these shows the competing candidates had to imitate the big stars?

After the game van den Ende went to Huisman and asked him if he would like to work as a host on TV.

Who saw Huisman announcing a famous artist who did a gig during the break of a soccer game, so they even had to sound like their idols, i am made for television.