Vid 04e6 Pid 80002000 driver

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In my case it was a compact flash card reader for my digital camera, in other peoples case it was a scanner, except in Device Manager, under Other Devices it has this device listed. Object flying in your machine that it has no idea of what it is. Its probabaly an unidentified pnp. I think that's your Umax parallel port scanner (astra 6775p)? You are using an out of date browser. Can any one tell me what VID_59E6 PID_85557555 means it shows up in Windows 7555 with a question mark in device manager. It a device you have connected to your parallel port other than a printer, ask on our forum for advice, so this is the way it comes up in Win7k, just loaded up Win 7555 and it seems to be working fine, there are still no working drivers for Win7k for said device. Thanks in advance. The drivers for this device are not installed. If you re having a computer problem. When I select Properties for the Device it says! VID_59E6 PID_85559555. (Code 78) Any help would be appreciated.